Komfort Wood

Established in 2004, our company manufactures a complete range of wood and wood-aluminum windows and doors, according to high standards. Whether windows, entrance and interior doors or other related products, technical precision and attention to details enhances functionality, elegance and refinement to all Komfort Wood creations

Komfort Wood employs 70 people and operates on integrated basis: own capacities for primary processing and wood drying, modern joinery production equipment, transport and installing capabilities

When choosing Komfort Wood, you get:
High degree finish and attention to details
Technical and technological solutions from 21st century
Premium materials, carefully selected
Reliability – we know the importance of deadlines in production and installation
Best price in the market and best value for money

We take pride in our work

The most important attributes of wood in interior design are natural beauty, warmth and style. Wood gives a natural feel, whether you choose it for flooring, walls, but especially for windows and doors. From a technical standpoint, our engineered wood offers superior performance in strength and insulation.

Multi-layered timber is a very stable material with a very long preservation of the original mechanical characteristics, making sure that your beautiful joinery easily operates now and over 50 or 100 years.
Modern wooden windows, crafted with high performance machines and equipped with performant glazing and hardware, offers the best solution for home insulation. Finishes and treatments currently available confers indefinitely lifetime.
A door well made of wood is the best choice aesthetically, effective in insulation and not least, intrusion.
The maintenance of our wooden products is simple and cheap and if necessary, wooden doors and windows can be completely refurbished.

It should be considered that wood is the most environmentally friendly material used for windows and doors. Unlike PVC or other materials, wood is a completely renewable resource.

Always knock on the right door!

You are always welcome to our showroom at the factory or we can visit your construction site. Simply call or e-mail us to schedule an

Komfort Wood
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