Why do we recommend wooden windows?

Durability and stability.Durability and stability. Stratified wood is very resistant in time. It does not bend in time due to the three layers that compose it. Being stable, regardless of size or shape, the stratified wood is the best material for the fabrication of windows with arcade or round windows. By stratification, a straight profile it is ensured, without torsions, and the four layers finish with UV protection it allows relatively simple retouching, if needed. The stratified wood does not dilate and the condensation phenomenon does not occur. Maintained properly, the stratified wooden windows keep the functionality indefinitely.

A touch of value.Wooden windows are a long term investment. Although the stratified wood is produced with low power consumption, it has a long life and the aesthetic aspect given by the stratified wood increases the value of space and ennobles it.

Ecological material.Wooden carpentry is 100 % ecological, renewable and recyclable. Being a natural raw material, does not have a negative influence on health and other materials (aluminum or PVC).

Thermal and acoustic insulation.Wooden carpentry keeps inside a state of comfort and serenity. The inside atmosphere is not disrupted by exterior factors, such as noise or outside temperature. Stratified wooden windows provide excellent thermal insulation and create a thermal barrier.

Aesthetics. Intrinsic beauty of wood gives the space a distinct note of elegance and refinement.