Classic series IV68

The classic IV68 series is developed upon a system with a solid background. These windows are manufactured of stratified wooden profile, a contemporary material, the result of high technologic processes which extend and maximize the properties of the traditional wood and entirely eliminate its flaws, keeping at the same time the three traditional qualities: warmth, nobility, respiration. In case of a proper usage and maintenance, they will keep the functionality for a long period of time. This series allows customizing the windows by frame, colours and different accessories.

Technical characteristics:

  • Casement thickness, sash 68/68 mm
  • Stratified wooden profiles of 3 or 4 layers
  • Essences: spruce, meranti, ash, oak, Siberian larch
  • With or without longitudinal joints
  • Finishing: 4 layers with Milesi UV protection
  • Drip edge on the casement as well as on Gutmann gasket against bad weather
  • EPDM Primo gasket
  • Roto NT hardware with 2 ventilation functions
  • Foul-proof system
  • Double glaze window package (4-17.5Arg-4LowE)
  • Double glaze window package maximum thickness: 27 mm

We are sorry for the less professional quality of the posted pictures. The majority of the pictures were taken by the assembly team on building site conditions with available devices or mobile phones, thus having an informative character.