Solid wood parquet

The parquet is a very important part of the interior decorations, creating thus style and atmosphere in the house. Therefore, the parquet is an important element in the house, whereby you can define your personal style, a natural wood parquet is perfect to emphasize the unique character of the house.

The parquet is frequently encountered in indoor arrangements, as it offers many advantages:

  • Classy appearance
  • It integrates in any style (modern, exotic, rustic etc.).
  • Helps maintain a constant temperature (warm in winter and cool in summer)
  • Enables acoustic insulation.
  • Resistant in time to ageing and climatic variations.
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Natural colour, warm

Why choose the solid wood parquet.

Why choose the solid wood parquet. The solid wood parquet creates a warm, intimate atmosphere, giving a picture of elegancy to any type of home (personal or public) and it integrates in any style: from modern to antique, from exotic to rustic. Moreover, due to low thermal conductivity, it helps to maintain a constant ambient temperature, such as wood floors are warm in winter and refreshing in summer.

By choosing the assembly method gluing, high levels of sound insulation coefficient can be achieved from room to room, floor to floor in the same building, which is reflected positively on the state of human mood. Wood is a flexible, long-lasting to ageing and climatic variations, which makes it an ideal material for floors. The used raw wooden material can be chosen from autochthon essences, beech, oak, cherry, walnut.

We are sorry for the less professional quality of the posted pictures. The majority of the pictures were taken by the assembly team on building site conditions with available devices or mobile phones, thus having an informative character.