Special systems

Carpentry special systems are classy and technical virtuous works which change through out their simple presence the perception over a quality work.
Due to their technical qualities and design, the special systems can be ordinary, elegant and modern; these confer liberty, generosity and much more space. With a rich imagination, different elements can be combined, and the result will be a special system which will give a new note to the designed space.

The special system series offeres the followings:

  • Fixed or adjustable louvers
  • Sliding and harmonic doors (folding)
  • Vintage style portals
  • Coverings and panel ceiling
  • Closet doors and front masks for built-in closets
  • Large-size glass walls for commercial spaces

We are sorry for the less professional quality of the posted pictures. The majority of the pictures were taken by the assembly team on building site conditions with available devices or mobile phones, thus having an informative character.