Interior folding doors

Natural wood offers the space a warm and intimate atmosphere. A wide range of colours and fragrances are available, offering spectacular design solutions. Folding doors are the ideal solution for a wide variety of both interior and exterior spaces. Sashes can be made so as to open as well to the right and to the left, inside or outside.

Exterior folding doors

The opening and closing is simple: the rails and rollers are made of stainless steel, ensuring an effortless handling of the doors. High quality wood ensures high thermal insulation. This type of doors is characterized by safety and comfort due to the integrated system with multi-point locking and rollers latch. The stability of the system is ensured by the use of a 24 mm guiding bolt.

We are sorry for the less professional quality of the posted pictures. The majority of the pictures were taken by the assembly team on building site conditions with available devices or mobile phones, thus having an informative character.