The sliding doors, in regard to the classic ones, have the great advantage of opening sideways, on joints that open either inside or outside. The functionality of the room where this type of door is used is higher.

Lift and Slide Doors Oscillating Swinging Doors

Lift and slide doors

The Wood Komfort slidings that use the Roto Patio Life hardware will make your life easier. The main advantage is the economy of space and safety when handling. This mechanism reduces the effort required in handling and sliding doors that can weigh 300 kg /sash. The sealing system is completely controlled by acting the handle. Compared with other systems used to lift the slidings in sashes, Roto Patio Life lifts or lowers just the gasket (sealing system), which facilitates the handling of the sash (door fold). Patio Life allows permanent ventilation without side effects, being incorporated into hardware. It is a smart and comfortable system: the positioning of the handle in a vertical position at 180 ° opens ventilation, but does not allow the rain, insects or dust to enter. The permanent ventilation position also has the function to protect the door from burglars. Roto Patio Life System eases the transition from one side to the other, through a built-in floor threshold.

The threshold acts as a delimitation and as a thermal break of the outer space towards the inner one. The burglar-proof function provides security. This technical innovation gives maximum safety due to the latches with “mushroom head” bolts, located in the top and bottom of the door.

Technical characteristics:

  • Stratified profile with 3 or 4 layers, without torsions
  • Used profiles can be with or without finger joints
  • Finishing in 4 layers with UV protection
  • Drip edge for weather protection
  • The sliding system ensures an easy and reliable functionality in time
  • Low profile threshold
  • Can be built on IV68 or IV78 system
  • Sash loading: 250 kg
  • Maximum sash width: 3,3 m
  • Double glaze window package with 2 leafs of glass Float – LowE + Argon – 26 mm
  • Heat transfer coefficient: Ug=1,0 W/m2K
  • Thermal transmittance: Uw=1,4 W/m2K
  • Double glaze window package with 3 leafs of glass Float-Float – LowE + Argon – 36 or 42 mm
  • Heat transfer coefficient: Ug=0,7 W/m2K
  • Thermal transmittance: Uw=1,1, W/m2K

Oscillating swinging doors

It has the advantage of saving the space provided by a sliding door, but provides excellent sealing. In addition, safety is guaranteed when handling. With an exclusive lifting system, the door allows an easy and smooth motion, the sash moving slightly inwards. When closing, the mobile part moves again towards outwards, remaining in a closed position, perfectly aligned with the fixed pat, different from the sliding systems. This system allows a hermetical closing, the door remaining perfectly safe through out the locking points, distributed around the entire surface of the sash.

We are sorry for the less professional quality of the posted pictures. The majority of the pictures were taken by the assembly team on building site conditions with available devices or mobile phones, thus having an informative character.