We take pride in our work

Wood gives your home a natural look, whether you choose it for floors, walls, but especially for windows and doors. From a technical point of view, multi-layered wood offers superior thermal and sound insulation.

Multi-layered wood is a very stable material with a very long life, ensuring that your windows and doors are easy to open and close now and in 50 or 100 years.

Multi-layered wood windows made with high-performance machinery and equipped with state-of-the-art glass and hardware offer the best solution for insulating your home. A well-made door made of multi-layered wood is the best choice both aesthetically and in terms of efficiency against cold, noise and burglary.

Wood joinery maintenance is simple and inexpensive and if necessary, your wooden doors and windows can be completely refinished.

It should be noted that wood is the most environmentally friendly of the materials used for windows and doors. Unlike PVC or other materials, wood is a completely renewable resource.


Why multi-layered wood windows? They are practical and durable. They do not warp, thanks to the architecture of the layered wood and the state-of-the-art technology used in gluing the layers. With their modern closing systems and the quality glass packs used multi-layered wood windows provide high thermal and sound insulation.
Properly finished and maintained multi-layered wood windows retain their functionality indefinitely.

Entrance doors

The entrance door is one of the important, defining elements of the facade of your house.
The entrance door must provide not only security and insulation (thermal and sound), but also personality, in harmony with the architectural style of the building.
At Komfort Wood we make the whole range of entrance doors, from minimalist, ultra-modern ones to monumental gates in historic fashion.

Interior doors

The material used to create Komfort Wood interior doors is wood. The interior doors are equipped as standard with modern closing and sealing systems, adjustable sills and possibly, if the thickness of the wall requires it, simple or cassette lining.
We produce absolutely any type of interior door, from minimalist/ultramodern to ornate doors with carving. Your doors can be accessorised with a wide range of handles, from simple ones to handles produced by leading European design houses.